CAPTAIN RENÉ'S TRAVEL: Traveling with passion

René Kempf

René Kempf has been in Canada since 1991. He began his journey in 1993, when he opened a hotel on the Bras d’Or Lake in Nova Scotia. He also was the founder and managing director of Kanada Reise Laden – a tour operator company in Germany until 2012. In 2003, René founded the Tour Operator Company „Captain Renes Travel Inc.“ Though his countless travels all throughout North America, he has been able to explore the various destinations the continent has to offer. René is the creator of new exclusive tours offered. He plans, manages and advertises the various tours offered. He also creates specialized trips for individual customers. In addition he accompanies yearly „exclusive trips“ to other destinations around the world such as Africa, New Zealand and South America. Traveling is his greatest passion and continues to inspire him to create extraordinary experiences for his clients.

Annett Kempf has lived in Nova Scotia, Canada since 1995. She is predominantly works „behind the scenes,“ managing bookings, working with wholesalers and handling the companies bookkeeping. She also prepares travel offers for our individual clients. You can find Annett advising customers at selected European travel fairs. Together with her husband René, she partakes in yearly executive trips. She loves exploring the nature ,flora & fauna of the diverse countries and regions. She has gained experience during her many travels through North & South America, New Zealand, the Caribbean and Europe. At home in Nova Scotia, she likes to spend her free time outdoors with her dog „Harry“ or in her own garden.

Annett Kempf
Michèle Kempf

Michèle Kempf was born in Canada and has both Canadian and German citizenship. As a child, she often accompanied her parents on tour and grew into the family business. She successfully completed her studies at Holland Collage in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in 2019 and received a diploma in the field of tourism management. Michèle now works full time in the companies sales department. You can also find her advising clients at European travel fairs or guiding small group tours in the summer. Michèle is fluent in English, German and French. She has travelled to many countries in different parts of the world including Europe, South America, Africa and the Caribbean. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors or experimenting with new creations in the kitchen.

Alex Georgi lives in Berlin and has strong ties with Canada and our Tour Operator Company. He full time profession is working in the car industry. For our company, he is the „man for all cases“ in Europe. He advises customers at travel fairs and is responsible for logistics and booth construction at the European travel exhibitions. Through his many stays in North America, also has gotten to know diverse parts of the continent from Alaska to Nova Scotia. He has driven our buses across Canada on several occasions, and explored also many routes and regions off the beaten track. Our customers benefit from his insider knowledge and his passion for travel. Alex speaks German and English.

Alex Georgi
Ralf Klötzer

Ralf Klötzer has the „golden touch“ to deal with anything that has to do with computers. Since 2009 he is the principal designer in our advertising department. He assists in the creation and production of our catalog and programming of our website. Ralf speaks English and German. In his free time, Ralf loves spending time hiking in the mountains and exploring nature with his family.

Our Tour-Guides

Bastiaan de Bruijne

Bastiaan de Bruijne is our leading tour guide. Born in the Netherlands, he has lived in western Canada for over 20 years. He has traveled from coast to coast and has explored some of Yukon’s and Alaska’s most northern regions. In the winter he works as a snowmobile guide. His wide range of knowledge and experience makes him one of the best guides in the industry. In his free time he enjoys hiking in different countries around the world with his life partner. In addition to his Dutch mother tongue he speaks English, German and Spanish.

Michael Gerhartz is originally from Germany, where he worked in the police force. He has called Canada his home for over 20 years. One of his biggest passions is diving. He founded his own that diving school in Nova Scotia and worked as a diving instructor. Michael can say that he has explored most of Canada’s waters „under water“. In addition, he has travelled to many different countries and continents. After selling his diving school, he decided to start a new chapter working as a tour guide for our company. In the winter months, Michael uses his time to enjoy his other passion: writing. His books have made him an award-winning author. He speaks both German and English fluently.

Michael Gerhartz
Lennart Krogoll

Lennart Krogoll was born in Germany and moved eastern Canada in 1991. Before Lennart made Nova Scotia his permanent home, he traveled through the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia for several years. He worked as a tour manager for concert tours and managed several tourist attractions. His passion for travel lead him to change his career path and he now works as a full time tour guide and coach driver. Lennart speaks German, English and French.

Max Schoffel was born in Argentina and grew up in Canada. He has since worked all over the world including Alaska, the Swiss Alps, Costa Rica, and Canada. He has a great love for country of Patagonia, where he continues works as a tour guide in the winter months. Max is a certified mountain and rafting guide. He speaks fluently in English, German and Spanish. He is a nature enthusiast with a great passion for history and culture.

Max Schoffel
Beate Golembiewski

Beate Golembiewski grew up in Germany and worked there as a travel agent. In 1985, she came to British Columbia and made Canada her new home. Beate has both her German and Canadian citizenship. She speaks fluently in German and English and continues to focus on better her Spanish speaking skills. For over 20 years, she has been leading groups through western Canada, Alaska and the USA. In her free time, she love canoeing, hiking and simply enjoying nature.

Our vehicles for small group trips

As a Canadian based company, we have all licenses and permits needed for passenger transportation in Canada and the United States. Technical inspections of our vehicles take place every 6 months. For our small group and exclusive trips we use modern minibuses (see photos) that meet the North American standards. For tours in the North of Canada and in Alaska we use a 21-seater minibus, which we have reduced to 17 seats in order ensure more leg-room as well as more space for equipment and luggage. The minibuses are equipped with appropriate tires and robust suspension for driving on the gravel roads in the remote regions we visit.
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